custom & creative Instagram Filters

Develop your brand content with AR Filters for Instagram and Facebook with the largest Instagram filter agency.

Custom instagram face filters allow users to interact with your brand’s content through augmented (AR) reality technology on Instagram and Facebook! Instagram AR filters are a great way for brands to engage followers and organically attract new supporters who are already fans of your content.

Powerful Marketing Tools

Custom Face Filters are positioned in a very unique way on Instagram as they receive constant shares and attention with no maintenance required

Interactive Brand Experience

Custom Instagram filters create a new channel for brands to connect with supporters and reach new fans. Instagram face filters can interact with users directly, and new actions can be triggered by users expressions/movement providing a meaningful and shareable experience.

Viral Growth

Instagram face filters are easily accessible, require no maintenance and the impressions they receive grow exponentially. Your Instagram handle is attached to your custom Instagram filter every time it is shared to a story, which allows new user networks to discover your brand with ease.

Undersaturated Area

Launched in late 2019, filters on Insta are fresh, unique and interactive brand assets that differentiate your brand. We anticipate that in the months and years to come, brands will have multiple Instagram face filters. With multiple filters, brands can easily organically achieve 1,000,000+ impressions monthly.

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